Rudolph Care Sun Kids Lotion SPF 30


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About the product

This is a mild and water resistance sun lotion, which gently and effectively protects your child's skin against damaging UVA- and UVB-rays. Kids Sun Lotion is 100 % free from perfume, but rich on soothing cucumber extract, pure rapeseed oil, soothing chamomile and cooling aloe vera.

Kids Sun Lotion adds moist to the skin, which your child needs. The creme has a light texture, which makes it easy to apply. Kids Sun Lotion enters the skin right away. It is not greasy, it is not sticky, and it doesn't whiten.

Contains: 200 ml

How to use the product: Use it on your child approximately 30 min before you are exposed to sun. Remember to add a new layer with periodically - and always after your child has been in the water. Use a handful of creme for the whole body.