Rudolph Care - Organic Sun Body Oil SPF 15


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About the product

Rudolph Care's luxurious body oil protects effectively against the suns damaging UVA- and UVB rays. Organic Sun Body Oil has a high concentration of antioxidants, which prevents signs of aging and helps to preserve the skins natural elasticity. Contains active oils from rap seed, sunflower and wheat germ, which adds moist to you skin without getting the skin greasy or dry. Organic Sun Body Oil has a sensitive scent of summer and gives your skin a beautiful glow in the sun.

How to use:
- Spray an even layer on the entire body, preferably 30 min before you go out in the sun.
- Massage softly - Organic Sun Body Oil is absorbed right away.
- Use the oil every time you have been in the water and protect the skin periodically if you spend hours in the sun.

Contains: 150 ml

Generally about the Rudolph Sun Series:
Rudolph Sun is the best sun protection. The series is certified with the 'Svane' mark. The products comply with EU's recommendations regarding optimal UVA- and UVB protection and contains four effective chemical sun filter, which is approved by set Nordic 'Svane'.
Rudolph Sun is based on active natural ingredients which are great for your skin in the sun.
The products are 100 % without parabens, synthetic perfume, ethereal oils and the 26 allergenic perfumes.