Rudolph Care Herbal Mint Shampoo 240 ml


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About the product

Healthy, beautiful and glossy hair is an every day luxury that we all highly value. Therefore we are grateful for the new line - Rudolph Hair - a line of organic hair products with natural care. The entire line is labeled with the Nordic Eco-label "Svanemærket". Furthermore, the Herbal Mint Shampoo and the Blossom Shampoo is Eco-certified by COSMOS.
These certifications are your guarantee for products of high quality, free from parabenes and without undesirable endocrine substances. Rudolph Hair represents a high luxury hair care line offering you 100% consciousness.

The Rudolph Care Herbal Mint Shampoo is a luxurious and nourishing shampoo with extracts of organic green herbs known for strengthening hair and prevent dry and irritated scalp. The Herbal Mint Shampoo gives you a soft foam, that cleans your hair without out drying it and removing shine. The mild and fresh scent of mint arouses your sense and gives you a freshness that lasts all day long. The Herbal Mint Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and for both men and women.

Content: 240 ml
Salvie: strengthes and protects with natures own antioxidants.
Rosemary: relieves dry and irritated scalp.
Menthol: light cooling effect and simulates blod circulation.
Wheat protein: rebuilds and adds moisture and elasticity to the hair.