Rudolph Care Forever Soft Conditioner 240 ml


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About the product

This conditioner nourishes and restores your hair with organic avocado oil, honey and calendula. Forever Soft Conditioner has a creamy texture and a nice mild sense of raspberry and violet. These natural ingredients ensures a healthy and soft hair that is easy to comb without leaving the hair flat, greasy and heavy.

Use Blossom Shampoo or Herbal Mint Shampoo before your Forever Soft Conditioner in order to give optimal results.

Content: 240 ml.

Avocado oil: Rich on Vitamin E and fatty acids, which rebuilds and strengthens hair.
Honey: Calms the scalp and gives a soft and glossy hair.
Calendula: Rich on antioxidants, nourishes and treats the scalp.
Wheat protein: Rebuilds and strengthens the hair.