Rudolph Care Acai body oil - 200 ml


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About the product

Açai Body Oil is a luxurious body oil with a delicate fragrance of summer, created from pure vitamin E and active, nourishing açai, almond, jojoba and olive oils. Açai Body Oil is rich in antioxidants that strengthen the skin's natural elasticity and effectively counteract the signs of ageing. Açai Body Oil is not greasy, but quickly penetrates the skin. It adds moisture and suppleness and leaves your skin feeling soft with a beautiful, healthy glow.

Açai Body Oil won the Danish Beauty Award 2011 in the category "Body Care Product of the Year Luxury Retail".

How to use: Apply Açai Body Oil all over your body and massage gently until the skin is saturated. Can be used on both dry and moist skin. Add a couple of drops to a bath. Or use Açai Body Oil for a well-deserved massage.

Contains: 200 ml