Muubs – Raw and Nordic interior

The products at Danish Muubs exudes of the raw Nordica nature. At Cahetu we have fallen for Muubs, because we thing the raw elements is a bold contrast to the tight Nordic minimalism, which characterizes the interior design of many Scandinavian homes. The products are made in a timeless design, and brings personality into your home. Each design is in fact unique, due to the natural materials used for the products.

Muubs cutting boards, baskets and furniture

Muubs are in particular known for their handmade cutting boards for the kitchen. The boards are also obvious for serving tapas snacks or other small goodies, the rustic boards put the finishing touch on any table setting. Are you looking for cool baskets for storing gloves and scarves, magazines, toiletries – or other things that often makes your home messy? Muubs creates the most beautiful baskets in a timeless design, in many different sizes.

Dacarr by Muubs

Dacarr by Muubs is a collection of baskets and bind made of recycled rubber from car tires and bicycle tubes. Muubs calls the concept upcycling, an environmentally friendly project in which recycled materials by specialized artisans in Asia are turned into cool sustainable designs. Of course handmade. In the Dacarr collection each design has its own story from the roads around the world – perhaps in Asia, maybe in Europe or perhaps a third place?

We especially love the dog baskets from Dacarr, which must be every dog owner and design lover’s dream.