Lyngby Porcelæn

Lyngby Porcelæn

The Lyngby vase are among the greatest Danish design icons. It is only few who has not heard about the Lyngby vase. The iconic cylindrical vase with references to the 30’s combination of function and shape. Everything superfluous has been cut away, and there remains a beautiful vase with a pure expression.

The porcelain factory, Danmark

The porcelain factory Danmark, who has produced the beautiful Lyngby vases, closed down in 1969. Back was the memory of a factory, who was guarantor of good craftsmanship and stylish design. The vases has more wanted than ever before, and if you happened to find it at a flea market, you just had to buy it.

The porcelain factory is reopened

The porcelain factory Danmark is reopened, and it is now possible to get a hold on the beautiful vases, which are available in three sizes, again. The factory has started off with a relaunch of the classic Lyngby vase, but promise that there are new and exciting things coming from them, in the nearest future.

BonBonniere from Lyngby Porcelain

In the fall of 2013 Lyngby Porcelain launched a series of cute jars with lids. BonBonniere is originally a French word uses for small jars for sweets. Lyngby’s jars with lids can be used for the same purpose, or for jewellery and other small things.

An enternal classic

Cahetu loves Lyngby Porcelain for the beautiful, functional and good handcraft.