LA Bruket

L:A Bruket

Lilla Bruket is the woman behind the brand L:A Bruket, who produce soaps and spa products. All of the fabrication happens in the Swedish city Varberg, and here the tradition of spa has survived for over 200 years. The products is of extreme high quality and handmade. L:A Bruket is the epitome of Scandinavian luxury.

L:A Bruket is organic products

All soaps and oils is designed with a purpose. And all of the ingredients and raw materials is eco-certified and artificial substances are rarely added. This will only be to ensure that all the herbs, vegetables and essential oils can work optimally and retain their natural characteristics.

Luxurious packaging

We cannot deny that the packaging is phenomenal and oozes of luxury. Whether you choose to place you L:A Bruket products in the kitchen or the bathroom, they will look good and add a stylish look to your home. And then it does not hurt, that all of the products smells heavenly and does something good for your body – whether it is in terms of providing energy, moisturize, soften, heal or scrubbing. L:A Bucket does it all.

At Cahetu we love L:A Buket for the good quality, the beautiful packaging and for what the products do to our well-being. Furthermore the products are certified by Ecocert, USDA organic and Soil Ass Organic.