Jukserei earringss and bracelets

Jukserei is equal to the minimalist, modern and simple expression. The brand was established in 2012 by Chanette Pedersen, who now lives in Berlin. Even though she lives in Berlin, the Nordic design traditions shines through in all of the jewelry, which are made of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver.The jewelry collection is an eminent example of what happens when Nordic minimalism meets the raw and industrial elements from Berlin.

Make a Wish with Jukserei

The bracelets made of silk from Jukserei is the finest gift for yourself or someone you care about. The bracelet is in fact a fortune bracelet that can help your wishes for the future to come true. Tie the silk cord around your wrist and send a wish away. Do not fret yourself, when you lose the bracelet, for it is then, your wish will come true.