Humdakin is a Danish brand established by Camilla Schram. The brand is located in the Danish city, Aarhus. Humdakin stand for quality, functionality and Danish design. By creating Humdakin Camilla Schram has managed to create a Scandinavian and quality conscious universe for you and your home. Humdakin want to offer a versatile and unique series of Danish-designed quality and environmentally conscious products, all of which are inspired by the Danish coasts and forests. In Humdakins series of modern households products, you will find Nordic ingredients such as buckthorn, chamomile and sage.

All of the products from Humdakin is without parabens and dyes, so you can safely use them in your home.

Special inspiration for the name: Humdakin

Camilla Schram has found her inspiration for the companies name, in her family. The name of Camilla Schram’s daughter is Nynne, which translated to English will become Hum. The ”Da” in the name comes from the name of Schram’s husband, Dan, while the name of the family dog, King, has been the inspiration for the last letters, kin, in the company name. Ingenuity and personally.

The family is the source of inspiration

The inspiration for Humdakins textiles, which are made in GOTS certificated organic cotton, comes from Camilla Schram’s grandmother’s towels, dish towels and dish cloths, which comes from a Danish factory in the 50’s. The textiles are soft and delicious and will look great in any home.