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HHay creates sustainable and innovative furniture and accessories for the modern home. A part of the sustainable furniture design lies in the production and material selection. Hay uses all modern production processes, and wants to bring innovation into the industry, as it is by learning about new technology and materials, that sustainable development can be established.

Colours characterize HAY

HAY is known for their colorful beddings, trays and bedspreads - absolute bestsellers, which should be in any designer home. Additionally HAY is great at making fantastic furniture. We especially love their variety of coffee table which fits anywhere in the house.

HAY has exclusive design collaborations

HAY collaborate with interesting designers such as Jakob Wagner, Leif Jørgensen, Hee Welling, Louise Campbell, Rolf Hay and latest Scholten & Baijings , who has designed the most beautiful series of products for both bedroom and kitchen.

Accessories for the modern home

In the recent years HAY has designed more and more nice accessories for the home, and can today present a huge and wide product range. In which you can find everything from towels to vases.

Hay - functional design

At Cahetu we love HAY, because they constantly brings modern and functional designs with an edge to our home. The quality is in focus, and the designs will last for years. HAY has become a brand most people know, and most might have it in their homes. With the huge product range there is something for everyone.