Garden Glory

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Garden Glory - Mouthpiece - Cobra
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Garden Glory – The story of a garden hose

The idea behind the Swedish brand Garden Glory was born when founder Linda Brattlöf moved into her first house. It was love at first sight, but a green garden hose with a orange, rusty wall mount was just about to end the dream, and the house was only purchased after a promise of changing the garden hose was made. After that Linda Brattlöf decided to take matters in to her own hands, and designed her own exclusive and untraditional garden hoses. That is how Garden Glory was born./p>


Humours and elegant garden design

”“Why settle with something plain” is the philosophy at Garden Glory, and we could not agree more. Therefore, you will find for example the exclusive antler wall mount, which brings nature references into the garden with a humorous touch, at Cahetu.