Carré’s jewellery universe

At Cahetu we are proud to have Carré Jewellery as a jewellery brand in our shop. We are crazy about the beautiful and colourful jewellery from Carré, made with handsome gemstone and details. At Cahetu we like to do something good for ourselves or spoil someone we love – that is why we are glad to be a part of Carré’s beautiful universe.

Carré Jewellery – when jewellery is your passion

Shiri Rosenxweig has a huge passion for beautiful gemstones, and jewellery with colours and shapes, and that is why she established Carré Jewellery in 1991. Shiri gets her inspiration from her travelling all around the world. Her biggest wish is, that the customer fells beautiful and comfortable in the jewellery.

Finger rings, earrings and bracelets

We have hand plucked our favourites from Carré’s beautiful universe, and are proud to offer the most beautiful gemstone and real pearls on both finger rings, earrings and bracelets. The jewellery is made of precious metals like gold, sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver.