Black Cat

Black Cat - La Mirage Chai Tea
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Tea of high quality from Black Cat

Black cat is the name of Norway’s oldest teahouse, which has supplied the tea loving people in Norway, with tea, for generations. With a history going back to 1905, Black Cat has the placed as the preferred tea supplier in Norway

24/7 – Tea for every hour of the day

Black Cat’s vision is to deliver tea of high quality, which creates balance, harmony and wellbeing. 24/7 is the name of Black Cats newest series of tea. A series of eight different flavors produced on fruits and herbs. The idea behind 24/7 is based on a philosophy of providing tea for every hour of the day. Are you into a morning fresh tea, which brightens you up for the day’s start, and gives you a new energy, or a soothing herb tea before bedtime? With 24/7 tea from Black Cat you will find tea for all of the days chores.

Black Cat at Cahetu

At Cahetu you can order tea for all hours of the day, or order your favourite flavour among the eight variants. It is impossible for us to recommend one tea, as we love them all.