Aiayu – Scandinavic design meets Bolivian artisanal handicraft

The story of Aiayu started in 2005, when Maria Høgh Hellmann launched her first collection of knitwear. Her vision was to deliver a timeless and exclusive design, with respect for the environment and with the working conditions in focus. The result speaks for it selves, and the Bolivian handcraft combined with a timeless Scandinavian touch, exudes pure luxury. 95 percent of the brands products is made by wool from llamas, a wool type, which is not typical on the Scandinavian market, which helps to make the product unique. Aiayu manufactures its products in cooperation with Danida, and has a huge focus on education, social responsibility and an environment-friendly production. The production takes place in Bolivia, where Aiayu tries to create growth and work for locals

Aiayu bedding, throws and pillows as well as shirts and bathrobes

In 2015 Aiayu celebrated their 10-year anniversary, and since the very beginning, the product range has been extended several times. That means that the Danish brand, now delivers the series Aiayu Wear with exclusive designs for wardrobes, as well as Aiayu Home with nice fabrics for interior design.

Aiayu at Cahetu

At Cahetu we have a small, but very fine range with designs from both of the series. Common to the products is the exclusive quality, and the light Nordic tints. The brands' bedding is delivered in a nice cloth bag, which can be saved, and used as small storage.