Cahetu is a Danish owned webshop with hand-picked design items for you and your home. Behind the shop is Camilla and Helle Tuborgh - daughter and mother - who both have a passion for decorating, interior design and great shopping experiences on the web. Therefore, was founded in 2010. Later on we have also launched and As you might have figured out, our name 'Cahetu' is made out of our names. We like to think of Cahetu as a personal webshop. We want you to be fully aware of the people behind. 

Why a webshop?

We use the internet a lot and do most of our shopping online. Therefore we found it interesting to create an online universe, which gives you a small sense of what it feels like to shop in a physical store. We want our visitors to have a great experience shopping online, that they get inspirered and at the same time experience all of the advantages of shopping online: safe and secure ordering, easy access to advice and guidance, fast and safe delivery, beautiful gift wrapping and customer service of an extremely high standard. 

Why interior design?

We are both really passionate about interior design and nice things for ourselves. And therefore it seems so natural, that we work with it on a daily basis. We believe that small changes in your home can make a huge difference and bring joy and surplus of mental resources. We want to bring that on to our lovely customers. When we shop for the store we tend to get inspired by the Nordic simplicity with a touch of global trends. We have put together a range of beautiful products, which you can enjoy every day. All products are hand-picked by us and has to live up to our high standards for quality and aesthetics. You will only find products in our shop, which we love ourselves and 100% vouch for.

Why mother and daughter?

Many years ago, if someone had told us, that we would one day start a company together, we would not be surprised. We have an extremely close relationship and share many interests. The idea occurred during summer 2010. Camilla was finishing a degree in journalism and Helle was at a turning point. During our family summer holiday the idea became reality and a few months later, was a reality. We have not had any regrets since. 

We hope that you will enjoy strolling around our universe, and we will look forward helping you.

Welcome and happy shopping!

Best Regards

Camilla & Helle